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All began at age 13, when I finally got my first computer together with my first programming language „Purebasic“.

Actually my parents forbade me to play PC games even though my older brother played day and night with me watching jealously.

Also I really enjoyed playing Age of Empires and Settlers 2 with my friends whose parents were less strict about that new technology. That was about the time when I decided that I simply had to program those games myself.

Soon a german microelectronics company, Cartesy GmbH, found out about my programming skills and supported me and Florian Eberl, who developed platines at that time. We were winning prize after prize in technical competitions when we were around 16 years old while we earned our first money in the evenings after school. At that time we had to finish highschool and I was the elected representive of all pupils of the „Fachoberschule Altötting“. Time was quite rare.

Soon we realized, that software development can be amazingly powerful and effective in our small group. Most of my programming life I enjoyed creating 3D experiences and currently I work on some very exciting VR scenes and blockchain projects for clients.

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