I started programming at the age of 13.

Actually my parents forbade me to play computer games and my siblings and I had our first family allowed PC when I was twelve.

I really loved playing Age of Empires and Settlers 2 before they intervened here, so I decided that I simply had to program them myself.
No adult would ban a program that their own son developed himself, would they?

I started with Purebasic, which is a very efficient precompiled bunch of C code combined with easy to use Basic-like syntax.

A German microelectronics company, Cartesy GmbH,  saw Florian Eberl, who developed platines at that time, and me winning prize after prize in technical competitions when we were around 16 years old, and decided to employ us right away. At that time we had to finish school and I was the elected representive of all pupils in school. Time was quite rare.

Soon we realized, that programming can be very efficient, when done by a small team. That’s why I love to work together with other experienced freelancers in order to get the best fit for the customer – a matching system where the developers and designers gear into each other.

Here are some of my later projects – enjoy!